Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Mochkin,

Thank you so much for all you time, effort & countless hours to make camp so amazing! Cheri and Esther LOVE camp, and come home everyday cheering & singing the camp songs, etc.! Their counselors are excellent, the trips are fabulous & the activities are amazing. We really appreciate being able to send our girls to a warm, heimish camp - our hakarat hatov, gratitude, knows no bounds. Thank you again!
Avi & Miriam Mammon

All Rafi talks about is going to camp. Thanks for really making his summer awesome!
Mrs. Rivkah Chilungu

Dear Camp Gan Izzy,
Thank you so much for organizing all the programs that we enjoyed so much! From the overnight to Darian Lake, swimming to A&C, challah to carnival - we really had fun.
We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.
From the Leiter Family
Yehuda, Chaya, Tehilla, Tovi, Aharon

Dear Rabbi and Chanie,
I don't get a chance to see you too often, since Eli has been doing carpool, but I just wanted to touch base and let you know what an AMAZING time all three of my kids are having! Bentzi gets up every morning and immediately gets his backpack and bathing suit on! Ayelet comes home everyday with more stories about how much fun she is having. Even Akiva who is hard to get out of his shell is LOVING camp! It really made a huge difference in their acclimation to Rochester and the kids in the community. Thanks again for all of your hard work.
Kara & Eli Wurtzel

Dear Rabbi Mochkin and Chany,
I LOVE the Camp Izzy photos!! Great slide show!! You two are doing a fantastic job. Chava is having a great time. Thanks for everything.
Abby Dan

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you have made Emily’s summer a very special one. I know she will have memories of this camp for many years. You all went out of your way to make this a special time and for this we are eternally grateful. We wish all of you the best in all of your endeavors.
The Wurzel Family

…The children all enjoyed camp immensely & we'll all miss it for the rest of August. Thank you for all your work & for the work that the dedicated counselors do each day.
Rabbi & Mrs. H. Leiter

...Yasher Koach to you for providing our children with an unbelievable summer experience! The counselors were incredibly warm and caring. We are especially grateful for the kindness and concern you showed Ilan last week! Your dedication to promoting Yiddishkeit in Rochester is indeed commendable.
Best wishes,
Brian, Nonna, Dassie & Ilan Hirschfield

Thank you for sending the pictures of the lost and found. The blue sleeping bag nylon sack belongs to us!! We feared that it was a casualty from the soaking wet overnight! Also, thank you for another wonderful year of camp. Once again, Ethan has rated it his all-time favorite camping experience. We truly appreciate all that the staff does to make this a great experience!
Linda Grossman