Dear Parents,

We are so grateful (and excited!) that with Hashem's help, we have the opportunity to offer you another awesome summer with Gan Israel Day Camp.  We  knew that it just wouldn't be possible to NOT have Gan Izzy this summer!!  We are working hard to ensure that all the precautions  will be taken to allow for a safe and healthy program. We are taking guidance from the Monroe County Health Dept. to incorporate the necessary safeguards to maintain a healthy environment. All staff arriving from out of town have recently been tested for Covid 19 and all staff (including locals) will have a health screening each morning.


1. Each camper needs to be screened at home every morning before arrival at camp. You will receive a text in the morning with a health questionnaire and you will need to respond to the text with confirmation that your child passes the health screening.  THIS IS A STATE REQUIREMENT!  No child will be allowed into camp unless this is completed.  If you have any suspicion of any illness or exposure to any illness, you MUST keep your child home! We need to protect all the children and their families. If anyone in the family has any signs of  illness, you must notify us immediately.

2.  We have installed six OUTDOOR sinks. The campers will wash their hands with soap at one of these sinks upon arrival, and before and after outdoor activities.  

3.  Parents should not come on to the camp grounds. If you need to deliver something or are late please contact Rabbi Chaim (Boys Division) - 469-5883 or Mrs. Perel Mittel (Primary Division) - 360-6971 for someone to meet you outside.  If they cannot be reached please contact Rabbi Mochkin 820-8298. If you would like to discuss something, please call and we'd be happy to talk to you by phone.

4.  Please be very judicious regarding contact with out of town relatives, during the camp season as this may impact all of our camp families.  

5.  Soap and hand sanitizer will be available in all rooms and bathrooms. We will encourage campers to avoid physical contact with each other as much as possible, not share anything, and keep their distance from other groups and staff members. Please help us promote these rules.  


6. Campers MUST have a water bottle, as the fountains will only be used to refill water bottles and NOT for drinking.

7.  Masks will be required on the bus. We will supply disposable masks.

8.  Staff will socially distance as much as possible and will wear face masks or shields when they are within 6 ft of campers.  

9.  Please apply sunscreen BEFORE camp, and if an additional application will be needed in camp, please show your child how to apply it on their own (spray may be easier to apply). If necessary, counselors will help the  younger campers while wearing gloves. In order for a staff member to be of assistance in applying sunscreen to your child, Monroe County requests that a waiver be filled out by the parents. Click here for the online Sunscreen Waiver.

10. In order to avoid the campers sharing their supplies, please have your child bring a labeled marker box with markers, crayons, glue and scissors (their supplies from school are fine). Please tell your children that they cannot borrow or share with friends - sorry :(

We are dedicated to provide the ultimate in camping for your child, so please feel free to express any concern you may have, so that we can insure a wonderful and healthy camping experience. 



DROP OFF & PICK UP: Camp will be meeting at the Brighton Middle School at Twelve Corners.
Primary campers should be dropped off on the Winton side entrance door #14 across from Chabad. The Boys Division campers should be dropped off on the Monroe Ave. side just past the building at the baseball field. Drop off time is 9:30 AM - please note this year's time change. The campers will wash their hands upon arrival and will join their bunk.. 
Pick up for the entire camp will be at 3:30 PM at the Monroe Ave. side entrance - Primary campers on the right side; and the Boys on the left of the road. Please DO NOT drive in the bus lane (closest to the building). Park in a parking space. A staff member will walk the children to the car. Please be prompt for pick up, so that our hard working staff do not have to wait for campers to be picked up.

LUNCHES:  Children are to bring their own lunches (dairy or pareve only- NO MEAT) and snack, including drink. (There is a water fountain in camp for bottle refill only)  Please label lunch boxes, lunch bags, and any storage containers in large print. All food items sent with your child must have a reliable kosher certification e.g. O-U or O-K. Refrigeration is not available (you may pack blue ice to keep the lunch cold).

SIDDUR: Please send your child's Siddur to camp on the first day. Tzedaka should be brought - you can send a container of coins to leave in camp.

SWIMMING:   This year we will not have access to the pool. We have rented a GIANT inflatable water slide to keep the campers cool and will have other water activities 4x a week. Girls must have a swim dress or x long t-shirt, a robe and crocks or water shoes to walk from their rooms to outside. Boys should have an extra T-shirt. 

CLOTHING:  To prevent loss of your child's belongings we urge you to LABEL ALL BELONGING'S WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME. There will be a lost and found box in camp, as well as on our website, for items that are found without labels. Please notify the counselor or director immediately if an item is lost so that we can attempt to recover it promptly.

CAMP TRIPS:  We are still in the process of finalizing our trip schedule. Primary campers are scheduled to go to Minnehan's for GO KARTING and MINI GOLF on Thursday, July 2nd. We are still working on scheduling a trip for the Boys Division on that day as well. Sea Breeze and other trips are already scheduled. We will publicize the trip calendar in the near future. Hopefully, recreational options will open soon with Phase 4.

CAMP SHIRTS:  For safety purposes all children MUST wear camp t-shirts on camp trip days. You can order a camp shirt by   clicking here.

For those who registered before the early bird deadline and for those who ordered a shirt online or would like to purchase a shirt, we will be having camp shirt and camper I.D. necklaces pick up at the Chabad Center parking lot on Sunday, June 28 from 1:00-3:00 pm. Please observe social distancing when picking up.

PAYMENTS:  All payments must be arranged with the camp office before camp begins. Payments can be made through head checks or monthly credit card payments. Please notify us which option you prefer. If you need to make special arrangements, please contact Rabbi Mochkin.

MEDICAL FORMS:  S ubmit all medical forms to the camp office by June 28th. You can download a medical   form here. Forms can be mailed or faxed to 1-877-569-3887.

COMMUNICATION:  We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our ability to keep in touch with camp parents for reminders, schedule changes and trip updates. The Jewish Federation has kindly provided us with the use of the Hyper Reach notification program which can call, text & email every parent at once. Please  submit a form with the information for each parent, and his or her preferences of how each would like to be notified, i.e. the number each would like to be called on and/or the number to receive a text and/or the email address you would like us to use.   Click here  for the Camp Notification Form.

GAN IZZY ON LINE:  We will be posting pictures of camp as well as camp documents on the Gan Izzy web site. Please check the site regularly during camp, as we will be posting pictures of Lost & Found items as well. The camp e-mail address is .

Looking forward to a healthy and safe summer,
Rabbi Dovid and Chany Mochkin