We are pleased to welcome you to another fantastic season of Gan Israel Day Camp. Excitement is building as plans for the upcoming summer session unfold. We are making every effort to create an incredible program that will insure our campers an unforgettable experience. We are dedicated to provide the ultimate in camping for your child, so please feel free to express any concern you may have, so that we can insure a wonderful camping experience. We are very proud to have a highly qualified and experienced staff whom we have chosen from across the country. Camp Gan Israel is registered with the New York State Department of Health and is inspected annually by the Monroe County Department of Health.

Camp will be meeting once again at the spacious and convenient Brighton Middle School at Twelve Corners.  The Boys and Girls Divisions will be swimming at the Brighton High School” pool.

Drop off time is 9-9:15 A.M. Pick up time is at 3:30 P.M.

Girls Division:
Drop off and pick up will be on the Monroe Ave. side. Please use the Monroe Ave. entrance, and drop your child off at the field on the left In front of the Administration building. 
Pick up from the same parking lot. Girls will be on the right side, close to the building. Please DO NOT use the bus lane. Pull into a parking spot and pick up your child from the covered area.

Mini Gan Izzy:
Drop off and pick up will be on the Monroe Ave. side. Please use the Monroe Ave. entrance. Please park your car and bring your child to the building entrance.
Pick up from the same parking lot. Please DO NOT use the bus lane. Pull into a parking spot and pick up your child from their group.

Boys Division:
Will meet on the Winton Ave. side. Please use the parking lot entrance across Greenwich Lane, drive along the fence and drop off at the end of the fence. Pick up from the same parking lot.

On swim days your child should bring a bathing suit and towel. A cover up, robe, or long t-shirt is recommended for the girls, a terry robe or oversized t-shirt for the boys and flip flops or crocs should be sent as well as they will be changing in camp and walking across the field to the pool.

We will be communicating with parents via Whatts App Communities for important last minute changes, updates and reminders. If you do not have WA you can either download it for free or ask another parent in your child’s bunk to keep you informed of important information. At the start of camp, please make sure that you are included in your child’s bunk WA group.

For safety purposes all children MUST wear camp T-shirts on camp trip days.  The trip schedule (enclosed) will also be published in the weekly camp newsletter. You can order a camp shirt by visiting www.chabadrochester.com/campshirt. 
For those who registered before the earlybird deadline, for those who ordered a shirt online or would like to purchase a shirt, we will be having camp shirt pick up, a week or so before the start of camp. At that time, you will also be able to fill out the any necessary waivers and pick up your child's name tag. 

Please submit all medical forms to the camp office by June 18. You can download a medical form by visiting www.cgirochester.com/medicalform. Forms can be mailed or faxed to 1-877-569-3887.

Children should bring their own lunches (dairy or pareve only- NO MEAT) and at least two snacks, including drink.(There is a water fountain in camp) Please label lunch boxes, lunch bags, and any storage containers in large print. All food items sent with your child must have a reliable kosher certification e.g. O-U or O-K. Refrigeration is not available (you may pack blue ice to keep the lunch cold).

To prevent loss of your child's belongings we urge you to LABEL ALL BELONGINGS WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME. There will be a lost and found box in camp for items that are found without labels. Please notify the counselor or director immediately if an item is lost so that we can attempt to recover it promptly.

All payments must be arranged with the camp office before camp begins. Payments options can be found online at www.cgirochester.com/payment.

In order for a staff member to be of assistance in applying sunscreen to your child, Monroe County requests that a waiver be filled out by the parents. For an online Sunscreen Waiver visit www.cgirochester.com/sunscreen. 

CAMP PHOTOS: We have a new platform for our online photos. Please visit www.cgirochester.com/campphotos you will then need the password "cgirocs" to view them. 
We will also be posting photos on our CGI WhatsApp group status. In order to see the status pictures you need to add Rabbi Mochkin 585-820-8298 to your contact list. Only CGI parents will be getting these status photos.

Looking forward to a successful summer season.