We gratefully acknowledge the members of

The Chabad Lechaim Legacy Society

for your commitment to include Chabad Lubavitch of Rochester in your estate plans.

Your legacy gift will help us continue to successfully transmit our sacred 
heritage to the Jew of today, thereby ensuring a Jewish tomorrow. 

May G‑d bless you with all good things and may others follow your shining example! 

 Josephine & Simon Braitman  Larry & Karen Kessler  Dr. Burton Spiller o.b.m.
 Howard & Leslie Crane  Richard & Pamela Kroll  Jeff & Lyn Springut
 Hon. Mark Eisenberg  Maurice Landesberg  Pesach D. Usdane
 Ronald Furman  Andrea Miller  Sheila Weinbach
 Phillip Garver  Esther Miller  Howard Weiss
 Richard A. Kaplan  
Dr. Dennis Kessler 
 Linda Reynolds  Dr. Julian Yudelson

 Rachel Rosen
Dr. Regina Smolyak 

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