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Rochester Visitors




We have a Minyan at the Kessler Family Chabad Center on Friday evenings at candle lighting (in the summer we daven early,15 minutes before Plag), Shabbat and Holiday mornings at 9.30 a.m. (followed by a Cholent Kiddush), and Shabbat afternoon (Mincha, Shalosh Suedot & Maariv). At present Chabad does not have a daily Minyan.

There are daily Minyanim at: Beth Hakneses Hachodosh, 19 St. Regis Drive North, Rochester NY 14618,; Beth Sholom, 1161 Monroe Ave., Rochester NY 14618,; and T.I.U.N.Y., 769 Park Ave., Rochester, 14607 NY,; Congregation Light of Israel, 1675 Monroe Avenue , Rochester NY 14618, has a minyan on Shabbat, plus Sunday, Monday & Thursday mornings - please go to their websites for schedules.

Sabra Grill (meat):1855 Monroe Avenue Rochester, NY 14618, 585-244-2211 under the supervision of the Rochester Kosher Services & the BVK with a Mashgiach Temidi.

Harvest Eatery (dairy): Located inside the JCC 1200 Edgewood Ave Rochester, NY 14618, 585-461-2000 under the BVK supervision.

Gavi's Pizza at Chabad is open on Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 pm. To place an order go to

Malek's Kosher Bakery: 1795 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618, 585-461-1720

Lipmans Kosher Market (meat & take-out): 1482 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618, 585-271-7886, are under the supervision of the BVK & Rabbi Chaim Hisiger: office 585-271-6877, home 585-442-2301.

Kosher food products are available at the supermarkets, the largest selection being at Wegmans (Pittsford Plaza) and Tops (Clinton Ave.). Kosher Challah is also available at BJ'S Wholesale Club (400 Jay Scutti Blvd.) and at Trader Joe's (3349 Monroe Ave).

Shabbat take-out meals can be ordered from Lipmans Kosher Market and Sabra Grill

Please Note: The above listing does not constitute an endorsement. Any further questions (e.g. Glatt, Cholov Yisroel etc.) should be addressed to the supervising rabbi.

The phone number for the Ladies' Mikva is 585-442-0245. For the Men's Mikva at Chabad please call Rabbi Mochkin 585-820-8298.

Under the supervision of Rabbi Avi Mammon. Eruv Map Visit to check the current status of the Eruv.

The nearest motel that is in walking distance and within the Eruv is Towpath Motel: 800-724-2497 or 585-271-2147. There is a Comfort Inn 585-273-8410 and a Country Inn & Suites 585-784-8400 a little further down the road (but out of the Eruv).

If you need Shabbat Hospitality or if we can be of any further assistance please contact us 585-271-0330

For Niagara Falls info, visit

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