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Alef bet Sudoku

Alef bet Sudoku


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Aleph Bet Sudoku!

Sudoku is played over 9x9 grid, in each row there are 9 slots, some of them are empty and need to be filled.

Each row, column and “area” (3x3) should contain the letters Alef through Tes however:

  • Letter can appear only once on each row
  • Letter can appear only once on each column
  • Letter can appear only once on each area (3x3 slots)

The bottom line : the letter should appear only once a row, column or area.

However – above all the ultimate challenge behind it is doing it fast!

Apparently there are 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 possible games, so the first one is just a beginning of an extremely fun game – you are just warming up!

Enjoy the weekly Aleph Bet Sudoko!


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