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  • Chanukah Shabbat DinnerWith B.J. Yudelson. Join us for a Chanukah Shabbat dinner together with family and friends. We will also have the pleasure of hearing B.J. Yudelson discuss her newly published book, "With an Outstretched Arm"RSVP here
  • Public Menorah LightingJoin us at Washington Square Park for the annual giant menorah lighting! Tues., Dec. 16 at 5:30 pm. Music, latkes, doughnuts, dreidels, a clown and more! Always a fun, family event.
  • Do-It-Yourself ChanukahHow to light the Chanukah menorahRead More
  • Teach like a ShamashGood teachers inspire us to grow. By expecting the best from us, they make us betterRead More
  • A Holocaust Chanukah MiracleSurrounded by strangers, he was afraid to strike a match or recite a blessing for fear of calling...Read More
  • Does Chanukah Celebrate the Battle or the (Oil) Bottle?What does Chanukah actually commemorate?Read More

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